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Chocolate Tasting Club

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Australia's First Chocolate Subscription Is Now Available

Chocolate for us is more than just an indulgence. It’s an experience – bringing people together to share in what they love 

The Chocolate Tasting Club brings you a chocolate experience redefined. From traditional favourites to intricate delicacies, we invite you to be adventurous in trying new tastes to excite and stimulate.

To bring you only the best in fine, couverture chocolate, we’ve spent countless months researching and establishing relationships with independent master chocolatiers, handpicked from all over Australia.

Based on three unwavering factors, each chocolatier we work with is chosen based on the following characteristics.

  • Premium chocolate 
  • Expert craftsmanship
  • Passion for chocolate

Ingredients are locally sourced and flavours are developed from each chocolatier’s personal experience. From classics such as caramel and coffee to exciting indulgences like native lemon myrtle – there’s always something different to try.

Whether you’re a beginner to chocolate or consider yourself an expert, an entirely new experience awaits when your chocolate box arrives.

How it Works


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Join The Exclusive Chocolate Club

Become part of a community of premium chocolate enthusiasts and embrace the magic of Couverture Chocolate

A Different Box Delivered Every Month

As a member, you will receive a unique box every month, each hand crafted with passion by independent master chocolatiers throughout Australia.

Experience Authentic Couverture Chocolate

Savour the opportunity to learn, discover and expand your taste buds when it comes to premium Australian chocolate.
Gooey centres encased in dark, velvety chocolate to rich, creamy notes of seasonal fruits – you deserve nothing but the

Score & Compare Your Favourites!

The best scoring chocolate for the year will be packaged up and served in a special limited edition box of its own.

Request Club Membership

Be the first to know when we release our Tasting Box.

Get early access to the best and most exciting Chocolates is Australia.

Be in with a chance of early bird offers and enter for prizes

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Chocolate Tasting Box

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